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Home Care for Dementia Patients

When your elder loved one is affected with dementia, there are many ways to keep them at home so they are safe, happy, and comfortable in the environment they’re already familiar with. With dedicated home care in Naples from Maison Healthcare, our team can help you with optimal care from experienced professionals who are ready to help with anything your loved one might need from home care assistance. Here are some home care tips and tricks for providing a safe and comfortable environment for your loved one with dementia.

Safety Precautions

One of the most important parts of creating a safe and happy home for our patients with dementia is to ensure that our home care assistants in Naples help you to put precautions in place. When you’re setting up precautions for home care with dementia patients, it’s important to keep in mind that wandering will occur, so clearing pathways and creating space for walking around safely within the house is a must. In addition, it’s important to remove tripping hazards or create tools to help prevent falling, such as hiding away electrical cords and adding grab bars to walls or steps in the house.

Health Care

Of course, making sure our dementia patients are healthy is the number one priority for Maison Healthcare professionals who provide home care in Naples. This means helping to provide regular medical treatments to our dementia patients, including administering medications and helping them to receive the care and attention they need from their doctors or other medical team. In addition, health care can extend to ensuring that our dementia patients eat the food they need to stay nourished and healthy, as well as receive any counseling or mental health care they need from licensed professionals, as well.


A great benefit of obtaining home care assistance services in Naples with Maison Healthcare is that our professionals will help to keep your loved one happier and healthier while they are at home, meaning that we’ll help to provide stimulation for them. From activities they know and love to mentally challenging games that will help to keep their memory sharp, our home care team members are experienced in providing mental and physical stimulation to keep our dementia patients moving, active, and feeling good throughout treatment. If you’re unsure about what kinds of stimulation your loved one may need to help keep them active, you can always ask your home care assistant for ideas or tips!

Memory Tools

As dementia progresses, it is important to our home care Naples team to keep memory exercises, tools, and tricks in place so as to better help our patients retain memories and function for a better quality of life. Our team of home care assistance professionals will help you to work with your loved one on memory tools and exercises designed to keep dementia patients thinking and mentally engaged in everyday activities. Some memory tools that you can implement around the home for a dementia patient are labels, so they can easily see and remember where essentials are located, recognize familiar items, and more. For more tips and ideas on memory aides and tools for your loved one, our team is happy to help brainstorm for your family’s unique needs and home space.

Success and Accomplishments

Many people tend to feel lost without a sense of accomplishment or success, and our elder loved ones are no different. One of the many ways to help keep your loved one happy and feeling comfortable in their home is to help them set and achieve goals so they are able to work toward an achievement. Whether it’s something simple, like crafting something useful, or a more difficult achievement like learning a new skill, the feeling of success and accomplishment will be helpful. Because continued learning and striving helps to keep the minds of dementia patients sharp, our home care assistance team will help you to come up with activities and other ways to keep your loved one learning and thinking while they receive at-home care.

Dedicated Home Care in Naples

One of the best ways to care for your loved ones with dementia is to keep them in the home they love and feel comfortable in with the help of professional home care assistance from Maison Healthcare in Naples. From assistance with round-the-clock care to options for hourly assistance to help you take care of tasks outside of the home, our team of home care professionals is dedicated to not only helping you, but providing engaging, compassionate, and empathetic care for your aging loved one. Because our focus is on creating a healing and helpful experience, we also provide live-in home care to those diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s, so call us today to learn more about our home care in Naples.

Professionals Who Care

At Maison Healthcare, we know that your aging loved one is not just a relative, but a beloved part of your family who deserves the compassion and empathy of a caring professional while they live with dementia. That’s why our team undergoes thorough home care training and certification courses to ensure that they not only have the knowledge and skills to care for your loved one, but that they are experienced in caring for dementia patients safely and with kindness. Because new research on memory loss and conditions like Alzheimer’s is regularly being published, we also work to make sure that every home care assistance professional is up-to-date on the latest techniques, therapies, and care strategies available.

Maison Healthcare In Naples

While learning that your aging loved one has been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s may be a scary and stressful experience, the team at Maison Healthcare in Naples is here to help make this time easier on all of you. From family assistance to home care assistance, our professionals are dedicated to helping our patients and their families through the difficulties of diagnosis and care throughout the stages of change. Because we have a wide range of services and options available to fit any family’s needs, we’d love to meet with you today to help you get a better understanding of how we can help and what kinds of support services we can offer. Learn more about us or get a free, in-home evaluation today!

Home care for your loved one who has been diagnosed with dementia isn’t always an easy task, which is why the professionals at Maison Healthcare are dedicated to helping you with the information, care, and support you need to ensure a happy and healthy home life for your loved one and your family. Whether you need hourly care, daily visits, or live-in, round-the-clock care for your loved one with dementia, our compassionate team members can help. Learn more about home care in Naples or get a free in-home evaluation today!

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