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How To Combat Loneliness with Older Adults in Home Care

Over the last few years, the pandemic has made it more difficult to safely connect with others in our communities, especially for those who are at risk for infection, like our older relatives. Even if your elder loved ones have a home care professional that they work with, loneliness and a longing to go out and interact with others can be overwhelming. When caring for older adults who suddenly have to be isolated to protect their health, there are many ways to help minimize the impacts of isolation or social distancing. Because Maison Healthcare is dedicated to providing insights and tips on caring for older adults, we’ve pulled together some ideas on how to combat loneliness in older adults with home care.

Regular Check Ins

One of the best ways to keep your older loved ones from feeling lonely is to ensure that they know they’re a top priority for the people they care about, like you. From sending regular text messages to calling them regularly to tell your loved one about your day or ask them about theirs, setting up a precedent for consistent communication and check-ins is key to helping them feel less lonely. With these regular check-ins, you should also be sure to ask for information on how they’re feeling, both physically and emotionally, during these check-ins so you are aware of any changes in behavior or other indications of loneliness or depression.

Visiting Opportunities

Of course, one of the best ways to combat loneliness is to spend time with others! This means that finding visitation opportunities is paramount to staying connected with your aging loved one and preventing feelings of abandonment or loneliness. If the weather is permitting, you can set up an outdoors, socially-distanced picnic to ensure that they’re safe while you’re seeing one another. If the weather is too cold for this kind of activity, you can also take the precautions needed, like isolation for two weeks and testing to ensure you have no chance of virus exposure, to visit your loved one indoors without risking their safety. Otherwise, finding ways to connect, either socially distanced, or not, will greatly help with keeping your loved one from feeling lonely.

Engage In New Ways

Of course, there are always ways to engage that include the typical ideas, like Zoom calls or socially distanced visits, but finding new ways to connect and engage with your loved one will help to keep them feeling better. New ways to engage that really show you care can include little things, like sending a letter or pictures to them via postal mail. If your loved one likes to read, you can also send them a copy of a book you’re reading, too, so you can discuss it with them during your next call. In a similar fashion, you could watch their favorite movie or TV show to discuss with them. Work with your loved one’s home care professional to either facilitate these events, or if they want to participate, too, you can turn it into an informal kind of book club discussion!

Try More Digital Options

In today’s digital world, finding ways to engage through technology is going to be key for ensuring that your loved one feels included in daily life. If they like to watch videos of what’s going on with your life, try sending them videos of special outings, like going on a hike, or visiting a new place. If your loved one with home care in Naples has some experience with digital games, either on a computer or a gaming console, see if you can connect with them online through a game. In the same vein, if your loved one is comfortable with technology, try setting up a ‘watch party’ event with them, which is setting up a movie or show to watch at the same time from your two different locations. Many streaming services have options for this kind of experience, so work with your loved one’s home care assistance team to set one up with them!

Keep Them Up-To-Date with You

While it may sound selfish, sending updates about yourself or the events going on in your life to your aging loved one can actually help to keep them feeling involved in your life. With all kinds of options to provide those daily updates, taking the time to either tell them about something interesting that happened to you, or ask them for advice about something you’re dealing with can help to keep them feeling both valued and connected. This will not only benefit your loved one in home care, but that connection over the small, daily things in your life can also help to create a stronger bond with your elder, which can also help to combat loneliness.

Keep An Eye Out For Signs Of Depression

When your loved one is isolated and avoiding in-person contact with others, it’s easier for the beginning feelings of depression to set in. To help avoid any lasting effects or damage from poor mental health, it’s important to keep an eye out for signs of depression in older adults. Some of these early warning signs include loss of interest in the things they love, uncharacteristic fatigue, a decrease in energy, or difficulty concentrating on things they normally can focus on easily. Other, more difficult things to notice include persistent sadness, feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness, or sleep schedule disruptions like insomnia or excessive sleeping. Be sure to keep in contact with your loved one’s home care assistance team to ensure they’re not exhibiting abnormal behavior and to provide treatment if these signs do become apparent.

Keep Up With Health Appointments

When it comes to the health of our patients, the home care Naples professionals at Maison Healthcare understand the paramount importance of keeping up with medical appointments. Whether those appointments are online, with telehealth services or in-person, keeping up with those appointments is key to ensuring that your loved one is feeling their best. To help your older adult relative in home care feel less lonely, you can find out about signing into these telehealth appointments alongside your loved one so it’s like you’re going with them to a doctor’s appointment. If it is safe and approved by your relative’s medical team or facilities, you can also try attending an in-person appointment with them, too. This not only helps to keep you in the loop about your elder’s health, but also shows them that you care if they’re healthy and happy.

Home Care Naples By Maison Healthcare

The home care professionals in Naples are dedicated to helping you and your aging loved one make it safely through the pandemic. Our team works hard to provide high-quality at-home care for older adults who need help so that the elders of our community feel valued, healthy, and happy during their golden years. From hourly home care assistance options to live-in home care assistance for round-the-clock care and monitoring, Maison Healthcare has the options you need to thoroughly care for your loved one as they age.

Learn more about the home care options for Naples residents that are available from Maison Healthcare today. Our team looks forward to helping the older adults in our community stay healthy, happy, and combating loneliness through high-quality, experienced care from professionals who are compassionate, empathetic, and dedicated to the wellbeing of every one of our patients. Get a free in-home evaluation for home care from Maison Healthcare today!

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