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Senior Home Care Services Created Just for You

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Finding quality senior home care services can be overwhelming. Maison Healthcare is here to help relieve some stress with our highly-trained, professional caregivers. We are the premium choice for home care services in the Naples area. Our team consists of registered nurses, certified nursing assistants (CNAs), home health aides (HHAs), and specifically trained senior care professionals. At Maison Healthcare we are dedicated to providing the best home care services to benefit the lives of our senior citizens. From companionship to help with everyday tasks such as bathing, our caregivers are here to help from the comfort of your own home. The benefits of quality home care are endless! Keep reading to see if Maison Healthcare’s home care services are right for you and your family. 

Quality Care in the Comfort of Your Home 

Maison Healthcare professionals are trained to assist you from the comfort of your home. Many seniors’ homes provide them with not only comfort but stability. Our home healthcare services allow older people to continue to live their lives at home adding to the quality and happiness of their golden years. Our home health professionals can provide a variety of services to improve the quality of your loved one’s life including:


  • Medication management
  • Help around the house with chores 
  • Personal hygiene including bathing
  • Grocery shopping
  • Companionship and friendship
  • Meal preparation
  • Assistance with recovery from an injury such as a fall
  • Transportation
  • Doctor’s appointments
  • And much more!


Our services also include support for Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Parkinson’s patients. The progressive nature of these diseases is both hard on the individual and the family. Our round-the-clock care is critical for providing your loved one with support with everyday tasks and keeping them safe.

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Skilled Nursing Services 

Having a support team available after your loved one has experienced an injury or illness is important for their recovery. Our licensed, registered, and experienced nurses can help your loved one through the recovery process. We can provide these services to individuals in a facility or at home. Two of the most important services for post-injury or illness recovery are medication services and post-operative care. 


Our medication services include:

  • Medication education and teaching (for the individual and family)
  • Medication reconciliation
  • Scheduling and reminders 
  • Administering medications
  • And much more!






Our post-operative care services include:

  • Wound care
  • Dressing changes
  • Health monitoring
  • Health assessments
  • Glucose monitoring
  • Diet education and changes 


Maison Healthcare is here to help your loved one recover with quality care structured around their individual needs. We are also able to assist with household chores and hygiene tasks such as getting dressed and bathing. 


Home Care Structured Around You

Maison Healthcare provides your family with home health services that are available on an hourly, daily, weekly, and 24-hour basis depending on the needs of your loved one. Meals and grocery shopping can be done to accommodate any allergies or dislikes. Hygiene routines can be followed to the individual’s preference. And we can schedule our staff to help during those important doctor’s visits you can’t afford to miss. Our skilled nurses are also available to assist with wound care, medication management, and infusions. At Maison Healthcare, we are here to help you 24/7 with whatever you need to live a healthy, happy, high-quality life. 

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Senior Care Impacts the Whole Family

Decisions on senior care not only impact the individual but also affect the family as a whole. Watching your loved ones deteriorate where they are unable to care for themselves is beyond heartbreaking. Families often try to take on the care of their loved ones. This can put a strain on their immediate family routine and their mental health. Although you may be trying your best, your loved one’s care and mental health may be suffering. Change is very hard for people, especially the elderly. Even though they are surrounded by familiar faces who love them, they still miss their home where they spent so many years making memories. While caring for your loved one consider asking yourself these questions:


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  • How long have you been providing your loved one with care?
  • Has the amount of care increased recently?
  • What are the most difficult parts of caring for your loved one? 
  • Are there certain tasks you are unable to help your loved one with?
  • Do you get adequate sleep at night? 
  • Are you constantly stressed with the amount of care needed for your loved one as well as for your household? 
  • Do you have a support team or are you doing this all alone?
  • What other responsibilities do you have on your plate? 
  • Is your loved one receiving the quality of care they deserve?
  • Are you happy?
  • Is your loved one happy?


Caring for your loved one is no small task. It can be very overwhelming and strenuous. When your family starts to look for senior care options, Maison Healthcare is happy to answer any questions you may have. 

senior man in doorwayTransitioning to an Assisted Living Facility 

Sometimes individuals require more care than you can provide them. Maison Healthcare specializes in helping families decide when they should start considering an assisted living facility or memory care unit to further assist their loved ones. We offer at-home evaluations to help indicate key signs that it may be time to transition your loved one to a specialized facility. 


Starting the conversation early can help your loved one feel more comfortable as well as give your family more time to prepare a plan of care. This is especially important when caring for Alzheimer’s or dementia patients. While a memory unit or assisted living facility provides your loved one with the necessary care to keep them safe, Alzheimer’s and dementia patients can experience anxiety, abandonment, confusion, embarrassment, and even anger. Preparing and reminding them of the upcoming change, as well as packing a few familiar and favorite items can help them adjust to their new living environment. Most individuals can adjust to this transition within a few days, but others take time. Having patience with your loved one and frequent visits can help with the transitional period. 

Home Care at an Affordable Price 

When looking at senior care options, the cost seems to be the top concern for individuals and family members. Maison Healthcare is dedicated to working with your family to ensure your loved one is receiving the care they need. We are a family-owned, private-pay home care agency for Collier and Lee counties. Home care is one of the more affordable options when compared to other long-term care facilities such as nursing homes. Scheduling an at-home evaluation is the best place to start

Every person’s level of care is different. At Maison Healthcare we work with families to offer a variety of services to provide their loved ones with support and quality care to thrive in their at-home living environment. Home care services such as medication management, meal preparation, and basic hygiene assistance are key services that can help your loved one remain living on their own in the comfort of their own home. Getting older is a challenge. Maison Healthcare is here to help both seniors and their families adjust to this big transition by providing excellent care services to those in Naples, Lee County, and Southwest Florida. Get your free in-home evaluation to see how Maison Healthcare can assist your family.


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