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How can we help?

Has your aging loved one been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s? If so, the life of your aging loved one and yourself is going to change tremendously.

The progressive nature of this disease that affects the memory of the individual makes living life difficult. And this is not only for the patient but also for their family members. In times like these, you want to provide them with round-the-clock care, from doing basic things to ensuring their safety.

And that’s where we at Maison Healthcare come to your assistance. We have a team of trustworthy, qualified, and professional caregivers who are experienced in taking care of seniors affected by Alzheimer’s. We not only work with the seniors, but we also assist the families in navigating through this difficult phase of life.

Whether it is doing basic chores such as cleaning, cooking, or round-the-clock assistance, we will ensure that your aging loved one gets compassionate care at every step of the way.

Our Alzheimer’s/Dementia Assistance Services

At Maison Healthcare, we provide hourly assistance and live-in care to the elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Based on the family’s needs, create a caregiving plan that details the services that our team will offer.

If your loved one is in the initial stages of Alzheimer’s, hourly home care will be the best choice. Our caregiver will assist the elderly in everyday tasks such as basic housekeeping, grocery shopping, and personal care such as bathing, grooming, and dressing.

From our years of experience, we have learned that the elderly affected by Alzheimer’s want to live in a familiar location, and their house is the best place for them to spend their days.

Therefore, we provide live-in care to the affected elderly, ensuring their safety round the clock. This also allows our caregivers to create a good rapport with the elderly senior, allowing them to ask for help and assistance.

Our Team

Elderly assistance and caregiving are not easy tasks. This requires compassion, knowledge, and reliability. Hence, our team undergoes training and certification courses to ensure that they have the knowledge and tools to assist the elderly in all possible ways.

Also, since Alzheimer’s research is an active field, new results always keep coming in. Our team is up to date with the latest developments in Alzheimer’s research. This ensures that they are equipped with the knowledge and tools to assist the elderly better.

Our team will also work closely with the families of the elderly and keep them up to date with the progress in the overall condition. When you have us taking care of your elderly loved one, you can have peace of mind and confidence that your loved one is cared for efficiently.

With us as your caregivers, you don’t have to worry about a single thing. We will take care of it all, exhibiting professional skills, compassion, and reliability.

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