Skilled Nursing Services - In-Home Nursing Care & Assistance

Our Skilled Nursing Services

Did your loved one get back home from the hospital after a surgery or illness? If so, they will need time to recover at home and assistance in doing some daily chores. And that’s where Maison Healthcare’s skilled nursing services will come in handy.

We have a team of licensed, registered, and experienced nurses who will be available to take care of your senior and elder loved one during recovery. Our nurses can provide services while the person is in the facility or at home after surgery. We also offer excellent nursing assistance for patients who need intensive monitoring and care.

Our nurses will ensure that your loved one recovers as fast as possible with the best treatment and care plan. To achieve your recovery goal, we will first set up a meeting to understand your exact needs. Based on the same, we will match you up with the nurse who will be able to deliver. We will create a strategic care plan for our clients that will cover all the recovery aspects that best suit their needs.

Following are the skilled nursing services offered by us at Maison Healthcare:

    • Medication Services: Our nurses will provide medication teaching, medication reconciliation, medication scheduling and reminders, medication administration, and more.

    • Post-Operative Care: Our team of nurses will provide post-operative care that will include dressing changes, wound care, health monitoring, and assessments. We will also provide medical equipment monitoring along with glucose monitoring and diet teaching.

These are just a few of the services offered by us at Maison Healthcare. If you require any specialized nursing services, don’t hesitate to talk to our staff during the initial consultation. We never deny nursing services to our clients.

Why should you choose us?

Here are a few reasons why Maison Healthcare should be your preferred choice:

    • We provide skilled nursing services under experienced clinical supervision.

    • We ensure continuity in patient care and hence are in contact with the healthcare professional or family members at all times.

    • Our patient care also includes maintaining all the records such as health charts, nursing care plans, and other health details about the patient.

    • We ensure that our team of nurses has up-to-date licenses and registration.

    • Follow current health practices in all aspects of patient care.

    • Our team of nurses maintains the utmost confidentiality regarding the patient records and health status.

    • We make sure to adhere to the latest OSHA guidelines.

    • As per Maison Healthcare policy, our team of nurses has the latest CPR training and TB testing.

So, if you have been looking for skilled nursing services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Maison Healthcare. Call us now to know more.